5 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Keeping your family and belongings safe means taking simple steps. We’ve put together a simple list of 10 must-do things to achieve piece of mind.

#1. Lock Your Doors & Windows

Seems like this shouldn’t have to be said, but each night or when you’re leaving your home take a minute and make sure all windows and doors are locked. Don’t forget the car if its not in your garage!

The majority of break-ins are crimes of opportunity. The thief finds an unlocked door or window and makes a quick move inside. This also means not leaving valuables in your car which are visible from prowling eyes.

#2. Get To Know Your Neighbors

Your neighbors could be your best line of defense when you’re not home. The more aware of who you are and your patterns, the higher likelihood that a person or vehicle that seems out of place will alert your neighbors.

It also doesn’t hurt when you need a helping hand.

#3. Install a home security system

A home security system is an ideal solution. From a simple entrance camera accessible on an app, a DIY security system with window sensors, and finally to a full-service home security setup, a security system will give you confidence and alert you to danger.

#4. Check Your Smoke & CO2 Alarms

Your first line of defense to fire and CO2 is your alarms. Make sure they are checked regularly. If you do not have a CO2 alarm as well as the fire, this is a great time to buy new CO2/Fire alarms. CO2 is a silent killer, make sure your family is safe.

#5. Keep It Lit

A great deterrent to criminals is a well lit home outside. Motion sensing lights can keep the ambiance of your home and startle and scare off any potential intruder. Keeping entryways lit also can deter criminals. A recent study found that outdoor lighting decreases break-ins by 39%.

Ultimately though, a combination of security systems, lighting, locking doors and windows, and getting to know your neighbors is the best system of deterrent for would-be burglars.